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Large or small we are proud to spearhead many successful opportunities which include events, conferences, conventions, festivals, campiagns, a Bilingual one hour television variety program, and a Spanish one hour blog talk program to name a few things. Read about them below..

We've volunteered in single adult programs in for eight years. Five times we organized and hosted a two day week-end single adult conferences in Branson, MO, April 30- May 1, 2010, April 23-24, 2009 up to 200 attendees came from 16 States in the USA!; March 16-17, 2007, November 2005 and March 2020. Participants had great fun, great food, great speakers and great workshops! Many met their future spouses too. We love partnering with The Dutton Inn and other local hotels and entertainers.

In November 2001 the founder recruited, organized and established 11 youth and adult councils in the State of Missouri. Organized, coordinated and hosted four state conventions as the State Director of Missouri for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). The state conventions were held at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, MO, May 2002, Drury University in Springfield, MO., in June 2003, and a bi-State LULAC Convention in Kansas City, MO in April 2004. Traveled to Washington D.C. for eight years as a board member to represent the great state of Missouri. Met with a variety of department heads and President George W. Bush. Twice joining a delegation of leaders to visit the Mexico legislators in Mexico, City including President Vicente Fox. Our founder has attended the national conventions where ever they were held.

Another great community event we co-founded is Festival of Friends, Springfield, MO, September 15, 2001 which brought our community together through 15 diverse entertainers performing music and offering healing words just days after 911 a national terrorist attack. We had 30 booths with agencies, faith based, local groups, businesses, and organizations who participated. Springfield Mayor Tom Carlson and other city council members attended. Representatives from Missouri, Congressman Roy Blunt's and Senator Bonds' offices were present. This event was held at the Springfield Library Center. It was a great success! This event was one of three that we had coordinated across SW Missouri. Carthage and Noel also held their event on the same day. Monett chose not to. The Springfield News-Leader covered these stories.

Our founder created Corazon de Carolina (Heart of Carolina) a one hour music variety program on PACC10TV in Goldsboro, NC. She successfully established local sponsorships, directed, produced, filmed, edited and hosted Corazon de Carolina for two years. Community agencies, ESL classes, and international entertainment celebrities such as Bronco, Los Caminates, Liberacion, Cornelio Reyna, Jr., and many others were also interviewed and filmed in Raleigh, NC. Program aired several times because of its popularity.

We've increased the expansion and advertising of our clients by 50% within six weeks for a bilingual Spanish Newspaper - La Voz de Carolina, based in Raleigh, NC; and 100% for our bilingual one hour music variety show - Corazon de Carolina.

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